how we help


Income to support our activities is all raised locally, some from our one annual Flag Day in May, some from donations from people borrowing equipment and some from corporate sponsorship by local companies. Other fund-raising activities are arranged on an ad hoc basis, and have included raffles, concerts (sometimes in the Convent) and sales of work, Christmas cards etc. We are fortunate that Gibraltar has an extremely generous and open-handed community – but the competition for resources is increasing all the time.

Local Fundraising

Most of the money which we collect goes to support local needs such as the Equipment Loan Service. We raise money in a number of different ways:

  1. from our annual Flag Day, which is always held in early May in conjunction with Red Cross Week around the world. On Flag Day we have collectors on the streets from 0730 to 2100, in many different locations throughout Gibraltar, including several locations on Main Street and in the supermarkets. Rosters are prepared for each of the five main collection centres to ensure coverage throughout the day, and the allow people to volunteer to collect at a convenient location. All money collected on Flag Day is for use in Gibraltar.
    We need volunteers to man the collection centres and take the collecting tins round the different areas of Gibraltar. We also need help to count the money received and take it to the bank.
  2. from donations received from people who have borrowed mobility equipment.
  3. from collecting tins placed in many shops, bars and restaurants.
  4. from corporate donations from local companies and businesses.
  5. from telephone donations on specified 0800 numbers for particular appeals.
  6. from special individual fundraising events, cake stalls, concerts, etc.
  7. anyone wishing to organise a fundraising event should contact the Welfare Officer in the first place for advice.

International Fundraising

Separately from our local fundraising, we also raise money to support appeals made by the British Red Cross in London and the Disasters Emergencies Committee. These are generally in respect of a major natural disaster such as an earthquake or hurricane, but sometimes can be in support of a man-made crisis, such as the war in Syria, which has produced huge numbers of displaced persons in urgent need of help. Gibraltar has always proved to be very generous, and the Gibraltar Red Cross branch has raised a great deal of money over the years in support of British Red Cross initiatives in response to disasters overseas. For example, we collected over £500,000 for the victims of the Tsunami some years ago, and more recently have raised substantial sums for the Nepal Earthquakes, the Philippines Tornado and the Japan Earthquake.

Generally each appeal will be organised for a finite period of time. All monies raised for specific disasters are accounted for in separate bank accounts and are kept entirely separate from monies raised for local activities. On occasions, where there is a direct link between the problem area and Gibraltar, such as the Nepal Earthquake (which affected areas already supported by other Gibraltar charities such as Clinic Nepal), we will send funds direct, or work with the local Red Cross Society to provide assistance.