how we help

Loan of mobility equipment

We work closely with the Health Authority District Nurses and the Occupational Therapists to provide mobility equipment in the community. We offer the following items on Free Loan:

  • Wheelchairs Self-Propelled or Push Along (all foldable)
  • Children’s Wheelchairs
  • Leg Extenders and support for wheelchairs
  • Wheeled and Static Commodes
  • Zimmer Frames
  • Strollers
  • Bath & Shower Stools
  • Crutches & Walking Sticks
  • Bed pans
  • Washing Aids
  • Adjustable Tables

Items can be collected from the Red Cross office in the Convent, or if you are unable to collect, they can be delivered to your home. Please note that for some of the items we will need clearance from your Doctor or the Hospital Occupational Therapists. This is necessary for your own protection, to make sure you are not taking on a piece of equipment which you cannot manage safely.

All items are provided free of charge, but you are welcome to leave a donation if you wish, either at time of collection or when the item is returned.

Please contact our Welfare Officer on 2007 4452 or by email for further details.

We also need volunteers to help in maintaining all the equipment, and for delivering items to people who cannot collect.